Design and Development of Environment Control Module for Growing Mushrooms.

Project  Description:

This professional project, executed at Kalki IoT Pvt. Ltd., aimed to empower housewives by providing a user-friendly mushroom growing box. The primary objective was to design a temperature and humidity control module, incorporating hands-on building of a refrigeration system. The project not only emphasized technical aspects but also aligned with a social cause, fostering independence among housewives.

Project Type: 

Professional Project @Kalki IoT Pvt. Ltd.


  • Empower housewives through a mushroom growing box
  • Design a temperature and humidity control module
  • Hands-on building of a refrigeration system for environmental control

Role in the Project:

Thermal Design and Simulation Intern

Methodology/Approach Used:

Employed a hands-on approach, combining CAD design with practical fabrication skills. Utilized Ansys and Solidworks for simulation and design validation. The project involved extensive collaboration and coordination to ensure successful integration and testing.

Conceptualization of Mushroom Growing Box
Design of Temperature and Humidity Control Module
Hands-on Fabrication of Refrigeration System
Integration and Testing
Iterative Refinement

Tasks Completed
  • Designed CAD model of the system
  • Developed the final system using workshop tools such as cutting,drilling, rivetting.
  • Performed thermal and airflow simulation inside the system.
  • Tested peltier system to cool down the module.
  • Hands on involvement in designing and developing vapour compression refrigeration cycle using brazing techniques.

Outcomes and Results:

  1. Fully functional Mushroom Growing Box with environment control capable 

Lessons Learned:

  • Enhanced skills in product design, fabrication, and project management.
  • Understanding the importance of user-centric design in technical projects.

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